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I write a lot of reviews for the businesses I go to, and while most of the reviews I write usually showcase that the business has gone above and beyond what was expected, I will also sit down to write a review when I feel a company has not lived up to their name or when I feel like someone at a business has tried to scam me for some reason. I needed a part for my Honda Goldwing and when I called San Jose BMW, the man I spoke to said he was pretty sure he could have the part in for me by Friday.

I called the store on Thursday to check and see if the part came in and I was told it was going to be delivered to them the next morning. That would have been Friday morning. So, on Friday I morning I called the store and I was told the part would be there and I could swing by and get it after ten or eleven in the morning. I drove nearly 100 miles to get to their store to pick the part up.

I arrived at almost four in the afternoon since they had told me the part was scheduled to be delivered by that morning. When I got to San Jose BMW, a couple of the sales guys came out smiling and asked if I was looking to buy a new motorcycle. I told them I was there to pick up a part for my Honda and that I was kind of in a hurry because I had to drive almost 100 miles to get home and pick my kids up at daycare by six. I was really pushing for time and needed to just get the part, pay for it and get back on the road.

One of the gentlemen asked me to have a seat while he went to see if my part came in. I told him that I had been told at nine thirty that morning that the part was going to be there by ten or eleven and that I could pick it up after that time. He vanished for almost twenty minutes to hunt down the part. Keep in mind that I told the guy I was in a hurry and needed to just get the part and get back on the road so I would not be late getting my kids.

Apparently, this went in one ear and out the other because he surely seemed to be taking his sweet time in the back room. He finally came out and said the part was never ordered! Never ordered! This is after I have spoken to the shop several times and even was told that same morning it was scheduled to be delivered.

He said he could order another part, but that it was going to cost an extra $40 to get it delivered fast because of whatever company he was going to order it from. I seriously felt like he was just trying to scam me out of an extra forty bucks! How can a business do this to a customer who just had to drive over an hour and a half to get to them for motorcycle part? I had already waited all week on the part and to now be told it was not going to be able to get to them until the following Wednesday was not good at all.

These people should have called me when they knew the part was not ordered or that it was not on the delivery truck. You don’t let a customer drive this far for nothing and not have the decency to let them know ahead of time what is going on. They messed up my whole weekend plans of riding in a poker run for a friend who died last year and then tried to scam me out of more money for a part that was still going to take almost a week to arrive.

I ended up finding the part on Saturday at a salvage yard and thankfully, paid far less for it and it works just fine. I’ll never go to San Jose BMW again for parts, service or to even look at a motorcycle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm an ex employee and will admit that this kind of stuff happens here all the time. It's sad and the exact reason I quit, and tell all my friends/family to never bring their bike here or buy anything from their shop.




oh man that is very horrible


How are companies like this still in business?


utter BS here!!!!


these guys messed up my granddaughter's bike and refuse to fix or pay for it. See https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/san-jose-bmw-motorcycle-***-sales-tactics-horrible-customer-service-on-motorcycle-repair-c957538.html to learn more.


San Jose BMW motorcycle is the worst -- not sure why you even went into this piece of crap business, all of us who live in San Jose know NOT to go to San Jose BMW motorcycle if we need a part or service on our bike!!!!


"How can a business do this to a customer who just had to drive over an hour and a half to get to them for motorcycle part? "

The same way they can do it to anyone.

Probably a daily occurrence.

Thinking that you'd receive sympathy from these dimbulbs for your time and effort in addition to taking your money is pointless and embittering.

At least now you know and it worked out OK .

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